Gold Package

Bronze package is for the business person who is skilled in working with corporate kits; this person has a successful corporation and a knowledgeable team of attorneys and accountants. The Silver package is for the individual who is familiar with corporations and already has a city and state business license. The Gold package offers 15 hours of consultation specific to your business and personal needs; this is an excellent package for the sole proprietor who wants to finally set things up right! The Platinum package is recommended for businesses that are looking to make it big--we will take care of your meeting minutes, state filings, and even forward your mail!
Gold Business Package

Normally $1995.00!! Now $1395.00
One of our Greatest Values!

Name Search with the Nevada Secretary of State

Drafting and “Standard” Filing Articles of Incorporation

Certified Articles of Incorporation

Corporate Charter

First year Registered Agent Service

Acquiring the corporate EIN from the IRS (Employers Identification Number)

Custom Corporate Kit which includes:

Corporate Seal, 20-Stock Certificates, Stock Ledger, Bi-laws, Meeting Minutes, Election and meeting forms"

This package includes "15" (Fifteen) Consulting Hours" Such As:

Returning control of your retirement back to you through Self Directed IRAs, Real Estate Purchases and Property Restructuring, Joint Ventures, Corporate and Personal Liability Restructuring, Tax Restructuring, Analyzing your company, Daily business operations.

Mail Forwarding Service (20-pieces per month ‘includes postage’) packages and box postage is extra and charged on an individual basis

Tax Free- Asset Transfers

State License Filing Service* (required)

*Does “Not” Include Initial List of Officer, City and State Licensing Fees