"Filing a corporation or business can be easy, knowing what to do with it is a whole different animal."

Wayne Wakefield, CEO, Nevada Business Corporations

Hi Friend,

We at Nevada Business Corporations do not just file corporations or LLCs, but create the very structure of your business so that it meets your visionary goals. The possibilities are endless when a company is birthed out of the imagination and dreams of its creator; that creator is you!

Just imagine taking an idea from a thought, putting it down on paper and creating something out of nothing! Well, that is how all things are created--- from the invisible to a viable profit-making company. The problem, however, is that very few know how to begin from a foundation of knowledge, make the plan, structure it properly and move forward to the next step. You cannot “Stay Confused and Stumble Forward” forever!

It amazes me how many advisors tell their clients to wait until they start making some money, “then” move forward setting their business structure. Interestingly enough, those very advisors are incorporated or working under the protection of an LLC and have from the beginning. If you are not running all your income, expenses and capital purchases through your company, this becomes an accounting nightmare going back, picking up all those entries and drafting them into the company’s accounting system, not even mentioning the liability exposure. This should be tracked through your bank entries right off your corporate credit/debit card or checkbook. Keep it simple and let the bank do most of the work for you! What a concept!

When I have ever started a business, I always immediately file corporate documents, apply for an EIN number, licenses and open up the corporate business account. This doesn’t make you an expert in business, but it sets the foundation for receiving the highest liability protection and tax advantages possible. “I Never Start a Business Without Being Protected!” This means “Never!”

Do not be fooled by the $99 to $149 specials out there!

This is a ploy to get you to file your corporation articles CHEAP! It is true your articles can be filed for this price, but what is not explained is that YOUR CORPORATION IS NOT COMPLETE nor acceptable in any court, nor can be filed properly with the IRS!

YOUR CORPORATION MUST HAVE a Resident Agent, EIN number, State License, Bi-laws, Stock Certificates, Stock Ledger and Initial Board of Directors. It SHOULD HAVE Articles that protect the Board of Directors and Shareholders and list all the terms and conditions of the corporation’s structure. IT SHOULD ALSO HAVE a Nevada Bank Account and Mail Forwarding Service so to have proper presence in the state. Each one of these services can cost from $25 to hundreds of dollars. By the time you have had to purchase what is required and needed for your particular business structure, you have spent hundreds and sometimes thousands more; DO NOT BE FOOLED!

WE BELIEVE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES SHOULD BE SIMPLE and inclusive in a particular package; this makes it easy for our clients to understand as well as saving hundreds of their incorporating dollars.

WE HAVE three different packages that include all the products and services necessary to file a COMPLETE CORPORATION OR LLC BUSINESS! Every service is listed individually so our clients know exactly what they are purchasing! WE BELIEVE THIS IS JUST GOOD BUSINESS!

For almost 30 years I have consulted people in their financial affairs and “not once,” did I ever find anyone educated on finance or business from high school or even college. College will teach you a lot of theory, but how to start and profit in business, no. Please do not get me wrong, I strongly believe in education and if you are fortunate to be able to attend college---Do So! It will open many doors that would not be available otherwise. An interesting observation, however, is I have found most who attended college, were not in the job or vocation they majored in. I find it an absolute travesty that the very thing we need most to be financially successful in life, is “never taught” in any school.

I have made it a commitment at Nevada Business Corporations that we do not just file corporate or LLC articles with the state and throw a corporate kit and a few documents your way, we will help structure your company as well. Why is this important? Let me give a few examples how we have assisted past clients:

(Client) "I have a company that is worth about 2-million dollars (this was back when the Estate Tax Exclusion was $650,000.00). When I die, I want my company to go to my four sons. When that happens, I know they will be hit with huge estate taxes (over $700,000.00)! In addition, I want to be in control of my company until I am gone then they can handle everything from that point on. WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME?"

After restructuring his company, he had full control until his death and there would be “NO” estate tax owed! STRUCTURE IS EVERYTHING!

(Client) "I have $150,000.00 coming to me from my ex-husband’s 401K in a divorce settlement. I want to buy a house with this money and help my children. CAN I DO THIS?"

If this client did this, she would lose over $73,000.00 in federal income tax and penalties.

After restructuring, she paid “No” income tax and was able to purchase her home. She would also be able to keep her $150,000.00 intact and make hundreds of thousands of dollars off these same funds over the rest of her lifetime! STRUCTURE IS EVERYTHING!

(Client) "I just got divorced and have a single-family home as an investment property. Can I move into this home and use it as my primary residence?"

After restructuring this property, he not only was able to move in, but deduct repairs and maintenance, utilities, interest, depreciation, washer/dryer, hot tub, lawn maintenance, new carpet, home security and maid cleaning service just to mention a few. By the way, all these expenses came right off his W-2 income (from his job) on his 1040. STRUCTURE IS EVERYTHING!

(Client) "How much money should I make before I need to incorporate?"

I get this question hundreds of times a year and my response is always the same, “One Dollar!” Many professionals will give a number like $10,000.00 to $50,000.00. To me that is silly! When you start a company, it should be set up properly from the very beginning so your assets are protected as well as enjoying the lowest tax bracket allowed. STRUCTURE IS EVERYTHING!

Law #28 "DO NOT FEAR THE IRS, LEARN THE RULES." (40 Unbreakable Laws of Money)

I have hundreds of stories where people are desperate to change their financial lives as well as the new entrepreneurs starting their new businesses. I believe it is imperative that you set the foundation for your business on rock and it will remain steadfast when you are at the top!

I look forward to a long business relationship as well as meeting all your corporate and business needs.

We are your Corporate and Business Designers

Wayne Wakefield
President and CEO