The Nevada C-Corporation is a wonderful entity because it is considered an individual person according to the IRS and the courts.

It pays its own taxes, can live anywhere and transact business domestically as well as internationally. It is generally in a lower tax bracket than an individual or proprietorship.

A powerful tax strategy used is the ability for business offering individual products or services to separate multiple incomes thus, keeping their tax bracket lower, W-2 wage earners cannot do this. They must take in "ALL" income from all sources (W-2, 1099, Dividend, Interest, Capital Gains and the like) and include it under "One Tax Bracket".

It can have many owners (stockholders) or just one. The owner can be known all over the world (like Donald Trump) or the company can be structured where no one can find whom the owner is and where he or she lives. In addition, it separates business liability  from the owner's assets.

There are two things a corporation cannot do.. it cannot die nor can it vote; you get to do both of these! This means you are able to give your company to your children's, children (if you so choose).

    Best protection for Stock Holders