Corporations are "NOT" subject to this additional 15% "Self Employment Taxes!" That's right. The average Sole Proprietor pays 30% in taxes before anyone else even gets paid. We structure and Create Corporate and Business entities that protect the liability and anonymity of the owner(s) and reduce or eliminate tax liabilities!

We have a vast array of corporate packages and services that cater to the small business owner as well as the very sophisticated corporations.

Our standard office hours: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (PST)

Give us a call at  775-473-8100 or email our very knowledgable staff at nbcorporations@yahoo.com



  • No business income tax under four million dollars.
  • Personal income is tax prohibited by Nevada’s Constitution. Article 10(1)(9)
  • No estate tax.
  • No franchise tax.
  • No gift tax.
  • No inventory tax.
  • No tax on corporate shares.
  • Property tax increases are limited by statue NRS 361.453 and Nevada’s Constitution Article 10 (2).
  • Nevada’s Constitution requires a legislative “Super-Majority” to increase any taxes or fees. Article 4 (18)(2)
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ITEX - A Great Form of Monitized Trade.
CEO: Wayne Wakefield
  • Formerly a Senior Vice president with Primerica Financial Services Corporation.
  • Expertise in Financial, Estate and Tax Planning.
  • Formally held a Nevada State Life Insurance License as well as federal Securities Licenses Series 6, 63, and 26 for Fixed and Variable Securities Products.
  • Real Estate Investor, Author, Teacher, Lecturer.
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Over 30-years as a businessman and financial services. Expertise' and Services include Tax Consultant, Investment Advisor, Financial Consultant, Corporate Consultant, Business Consultant, Domestic and International Consultant, Pension Plan Restructuring through self directed Ira's, Trusts, Contracts, Buy/Sell Agreements, State Licensing Services, Board of Director Services.

We do a lot more than just corporations!

"If you are going to live in your “Dream Home”, ...get paid to live there!" Wayne Wakefield

Real Estate Academy Institute

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The Majestic View Mansion, Reno, NV.
Learn How to:
  • Never again, "go with your hat in your hand" and beg for or qualify for a mortgage!
  • Never again, use a credit (FICO) score for a loan!
  • Never again, prove up financials for 'any' loan, especially on your house!
  • Never again, prove up a job history!
  • Never again, make the house payments out of YOUR personal income!
  • Never again, use a dime of your own money!
  • Get 'Paid' a multi-six figure income to live in your house!
Three times a year, Wayne invites a small group of the most highly motivated achievers to join him at his “Majestic View Mansion” in Reno, Nevada, where he ‘personally’ spends 4-days teaching these special students how to make their biggest and most ambitious dream a reality.  This is the most intricate “one-on-one” training ever offered by anyone in the real estate investment business!
WHAT ALSO MAKES THIS ACADEMY DIFFERENT FROM ALL OTHERS is this training includes Wayne’s ‘personal’ mentoring for 12-months assisting those special students through this life-changing process! You cannot learn this in any “Nothing Down” course, real estate seminar or through any college! These Achievers learn what only the top 3% know!

The Bodega Bay Vacation Estate

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20090 Oyster Catcher Loop, Bodega Bay, CA, 94923

This Vacation Rental home is one of the examples used in Wayne’s Real Estate Academy Institute! 

Whether you're a beach-goer, a whale-watcher, or driving this gorgeous stretch of Highway 1, Bodega Bay is a serene and beloved pocket of the wild Northern California Coast. Follow the nearby Pinnacle Gulch Trail for an afternoon walk down the beach, play a round of golf at The Links at Bodega Harbor, or watch an awe-inspiring sunset from the mouth of Bodega Harbor at Doran Beach.
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The bounty of the Northern California Coast will be right outside your door. Reserve today and don't miss out on this stunning ocean view Bodega Bay home!

Mr. Wakefield was able to purchase this $1.5 Million Dollar property never qualifying for the loan nor using any financials, job history, credit report or using one dime of his own money while receiving a 6-figure income from the property!  Have you ever thought of traveling the world and most wherever you stayed—“You Owned?”
Book to stay at this property, see the reality of wealth-which is not outside your reach. You just have to aquire the knowledge!

Financial Academy Institute

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Just think, when you are financially independent, you will not only think differently but, walk and act with confidence knowing that it is you that finally has control of not only your schedule, but the direction of your life and future! Remember, it will never be just about you – it will be about all those you can touch with your knowledge as well. You can become a ‘Mentor’ for others.

Some of the topics we will cover:
  • How do I fund my business & the deal?
  • Now that my corporation is set up - Now what?
  • Be the Buyer & the Seller/The Bowrower & the Lender!
  • How do I get out of debt with credit cards?
  • Get paid thousands to own your car, home or plane!
  • What is "Up Streaming?"
  • Ultimately be a "Wealthy/Poor Person!"

Best Selling Author: Wayne Wakefield
Forty Unbreakable Laws of Money

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The 40 Unbreakable Laws of Money reveals these hidden laws where you will get paid to own your home, cars, boats, furniture and get out of debt with your credit cards and make most of everything legally deductible. Never will you do or think the same way again!

Some of the topics covered in the book;
  • Never have to qualify for a mortgage loan again.
  • Get paid to own your home, cars, boats and plane and get someone else to pay for them.
  • Make almost everything you do tax deductible…legally.
  • Get out of debt using credit cards.
  • Have four streams of income, not one.
  • Why would you finance a home for one-third of your lifetime?
  • And so much more…